you would not believe your EYES….

if ten million FIREFLIES lit up the world as I feel asleep and take me away from here…

These firefly jars are freaking adorable, I had a hard time choosing between the pink one and the Autumn one which is shown below. They looks gorgeous with the sky dimmed down or on night setting. Perfect for your fall decor or even for Christmas or to add a little extra ambiance to your setting :) Pick up your own at the Twenty13 booth for the Halloween Blackout Gatcha event, they all are adorable no matter which one you get in my opinion!!!! Good Luck xoxo Luvs

you would not believe your eyes 2 you would not belive your eyes


Helluva a life

Heyyy readers, I logged in to this adorable , kick ass new hoodie from Twenty13 and hadd to blog it. I have been so busy with real life , I havent been able to blog like I use to and I apologize for that , but I am still here and not going anywhere so stay with me :) I am chilling, listening to some country tunes as I write and take pics , which is my therapy , and this song comes on from Frank Ballard, and I said , oh I love it , I am using it for my post , so there ya go , hehe. Checkout the Halloween Blackout Gatcha event if you havent already and get your shopping on!!! xoxo Luvs

Helluva Life helluva alife 3 helluva a life 2

Fashi♥n Credits:

Luvs Look 

TopTwenty13 – Jaden Fall Hoodie – Yellow ** NEW RELEASE **
Jeans - Addams// Worn out Jeans w/ HUD
Shoes*REIGN – petal hopper – red
Hair – Twenty13. – Taryn Hair – Carmel *RARE* @ Halloween Blackout Event ~ Gatcha Item~
Post it – Twenty13. Post-It-Note – blue – Happy Halloween @ Halloween Blackout Event ~ Gatcha Item~
Pose – (marukin) motelier pack @ C88 ** Oct Round **

Only 1

we’re living
In a fairytale no malice and no lies
baby oh, it’s hard to believe
All the love you have inside is only mine

Hey readers, I love this dress for a number of reasons, first being the colors, I love fall and the colors and it also looks like a leaf , the way its tapered and shaped, I also love that I can wear my favorite jean jacket with it and my cute riding boots! It also comes in other colors as well so stop by .Twenty13. and see for yourselves :)  My amazing husband agreed to pose with me for this post , and I will  include his blog link below for you to check out what hes wearing as well :) Happy Shopping xoxo Luvs

Only 1 Only 1 a only 1 b

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Luvs Look 

Dress.Twenty13. Raegan Dress – Autumn ** NEW RELEASE **
Jacket - [Cynful] Cropped Denim Jacket – Blue
Hair“”D!va”” Manon – Type A – Rhodolite
Boots - – tres blah - Riding Boots – Chestnut
NecklaceMaxi Gossamer - Fay Malla Wooden Heart set

My sexy Husband Q’s Blog – Click it to find out what he is wearing 

Looking Forward

This dress from Dead Dollz, its just gorgeous and elegant and perfect for any event you are going to attend. It comes with a HUD to match your skin tone to make the dress look see through with the lace, so red carpet , and so so sexy!! The house behind me is new and its from this round of c88! Usually I make so many trips to C88 event , but I wasnt really impressed with much this round. I did pickup a sweater for the colder weather, a sexy dress, which I will be debuting tonight and this house, which is really pretty and comes with poses and the landscape around it and my favorite part… the lights…


looking forward 2 looking forward


Fashi♥n Credits:

Luvs Look 

Dress:: Dead Dollz :: Felina Black – Limited Edition
Hair – ~Tableau Vivant ~ Upshaw – Long bangs – summer blondes @ C88 ** Sept Round**
Shoes – [Glitzz] Dorothy Shoes – Gold @ Thrift Shop 6.0 Event
Earrings – {me.} Mariah Earring – Black/Black @ Thrift Shop Event
Poses – :Belle Poses: Breena Pack @ Thrift Shop 6.0 Event

Other – Trompe Loeil – The Dreaming House @ C88 ** Sept Round **

Pregnant is the new sexy

Ok so Im a little late on this one seeing as I have already had my baby , buttt its still hot and I love the shots I took when I was preggers and still loooking sexy . Woot Woot!!! You can find this sexy little outfit at this Round of Depraved Nations Thrift Shop Event!!! It comes with regular layers as well as appliers, sorry all you mesh lovers, this one is not for you , but it also works with your slink feet for the socks, which I loved that and paired it with my favorite , well one of my favorite pairs of Reign sneakers! Happy Shopping xoxo Luvs

pregnant is the new sexy 2 pregnant is the new sexy 3 pregnant is the new sexy

Fashi♥n Credits:

Luvs Look 

Outfit – [Twinkle] She Got It w/ appliers @ Thrift Shop 6.0 Event
Hair – ~*Damsefly*~ Sweeney – Browns @ Thrift Shop 6.0 Event

Under the Sea

Hii my lovely readers, I have some great looks from this round of Thrift Shop at the Depraved Nation sim. I love the underwater shots I did for this one and the camera prop comes with the poses already inside it :)

under the sea 2 Under the sea 3 Under the sea

Fashi♥n Credits:

Luvs Look 

Suit*BOOM* – Ariara Bikini set – Lemonaide
HairClawtooth – Poseidon’s Gal – Snow Blonde
Pose=fashiowl poses= Acuatic Camera @ Thrift Shop 6.0 Event

All of me

Hey Hey Hey , I am BACK!!!! I have missed blogging so much and haha , never thought I would say that cuz sometimes I do get burnt out on it, but the break I had was just what  I needed to recharge my batteries and I am ready to work again :) My heart has never in my life been so full of love and happiness and I owe it all to my amazing husband who makes me feel important everyday, who tells me Im beautiful and wonderful countless times a day , who is so selfless and giving and kind , well if I named all his wonderful qualities we would be here for a looooong time, hehe! Anwyays, I am excited about this post for two reasons, the first being , I have the privilege of doing it with my love and the second being the newest blogger for Twenty13!!!! These lyrics to this song just speak to me so I thought I would share a few lines and the video below as well :) Enjoy readers xoxo Luvs

‘Cause all of me
Loves all of you
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections
Give your all to me
I’ll give my all to you
You’re my end and my beginning
Even when I lose I’m winning
‘Cause I give you all of me
And you give me all of you


all of me 2 all of me

Fashi♥n Credits:

On Luvs: 

TopGawk! White Basic Tank Top
JeansTwenty13 – Dilemma Unisex Jeans – Black Plain @ Thrift Shop 6.0 Event ** New Round **
HairAnalog Dog – Identity Crisis – “night n day ” @ The Arcade ** Sept Round **
Shoes - *REIGN - Petal Hoppers – Black ( for slink flat feet )
Bag – :::LP::: Gamer Bag – Female Black RARE @ The Arcade ** Sept Round **
Bracelets - = Zenith= Love Heart Leather Bracelet – color mix 1

 To see what Q is wearing click the link here