Taste the Rainbow

Happy St Patricks Day! Well its almost over but I was being  lazy, well not really, I was feeling a bit crappy today and last night so I chose sleep over blogging LOL. Oh well at least im doing it now right :P If you havent gone over to Luck of the Irish Gatcha Fair yet, you need to before it ends March 30th! So much cute stuff you can  use for pictures, or playing around with your friends or for gifts etc. I had fun with this post as you will see below and make sure you dont forget to wear your green or I will pinch you, bahahahha … Happy Shopping xoxo Luvs

Taste The RAINBOW 1 Taste the RAINBOW 2 Taste the RAINBOW 3


Luvs Look ♥

TopSS Spearsong – Womens Black Grunge Half Jacket ** NEW **
Bottoms – SS Spearsong – Black Leather Leggings ** NEW **
HairTRUTH – Bexley -light blondes ** NEW **
Shoes – [Decoy] Siren Wedges – White @ Collabor88 ** MARCH ROUND **
Headpiece- {Scene} – Lucky Chain w/ HUD @ Luck of the Irish Gatcha Fair ** NEW ROUND **
Ring – {Scene} – Pot ‘O Luck Ring – Pink @ Luck of the Irish Gatcha Fair ** NEW ROUND **
Eyes – Twenty13. – Dublin Mesh Eyes – Gold Luck RARE item @ Luck of the Irish Gatcha Fair
Poses.snaphappy pose. – Party Girl & Double Fisted are shown @ Luck of the Irish Gatcha Fair

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Think like a Man

These poses are meant for the guys but I said Hell why not, I have my days when I want to roll outta bed throw on some clothes and hat and go lol. So to me, these can be unisex but they are geared towards guys :P Get on down Signature Pose and check out what else she  has to offer!!!

Think like a man 1 think like a man 2 think like a man 3 think like a man 4 think like a man 5


Luvs Look ♥

Jeans w/boxers – BLK2.0. 2Low – Baggy STD – DarkGreen
TopBlueberry -Cassy Knotted Shirts – ** NEW **
HairEaters Coma – HAIR 31- Sandy Blonde
PosesSignature Pose- Channing Pack **NEW **

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Fair Maiden

Good Evening readers :) I bring you this new dress from .::Dead Dollz::. for the We <3 RP Event, March Round! It comes in Pink, Blue, Red & Green. I love that it looks like an old maiden girl from a far away village. She needs a jar of milk in her hand or maybe a pitcher of beer and some pig tails lol , you decide. I love the length of this dress as well as the ruffle at the bust. Hurry and get there before the event ends March 30th. xoxo Luvs

Fair Maiden

Luvs Look ♥

Dress - ::Dead Dollz:: Maisie – Pink @ We <3 RP March Event ** NEW **
Hair - *ARGRACE* Haruka – baby blonde
{Scene} Whiskey Business – BabyGirl – Gatcha @ The Vanity Fair ** NEW **
PoseSignature Pose – Bootylicious Pack

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Love and Basketball

This is one of my favorite movies! If you havent seen it and you like love stories, this is one of the best ones besides The Notebook, which nothing is better than that one, but Love and Basketball comes real close :) I am a sucker for a good love story , I get told all the time that I watch to many love stories and have high expectations that only happen in movies lol, what can I say, I want the fairy-tale, nothing wrong with that :) I had alot of fun with my love doing this post , we event bought our own Bball court to take some cute couples ones since we couldnt rezz at this place we came to take the pics. I love how he gets into the picture taken and the props like I do! Hes just so amazing to me *sighs* . ♥♥♥ Ok Ok, enough lovey dovey shit lol, this tank is new from twenty13 at the carn EVIL event goin on right now, and so many cute texture changes and colors in the HUD so hurrry before its gone :) Hope your weekend is going good, Im sad its almost over , blah…. xoxo Luvs

Check out my baby Qs Post for what hes wearing…>>>> click here

Love and Basketball 2 love and basketball love and basketball 4 love and basketball 3


Luvs Look ♥

Top – Twenty13. Rock-a-Betty Tanks w/HUD @ CarnEvil ** NEW **
BottomsBlueberry – Elina Side Tied Mini Shorts – White
HairMagika – Hush ** NEW **
ShoesREIGN – Petal Hoppers – Black
Poses – Single of me ( Focus Poses – Model Pack 34 – 9 ) , Sitting – Purple Poses Noemi Pack , Jumping – Embody Surrender Male

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Power of LOVE

Those words mean so much more than they use to. I almost lost someone so very dear and close to me , my life would have been turned upside down and I realize how powerful my love for her is and how deep it runs.  Nothing will ever come close to the love I feel for this amazing person in my life. (well besides our children) ♥ I am very blessed and know that God and angels do exist! The Power of Love can pull you out of the worst situations, I see that now and will never take one day for granted ever again. I love you baby , this is  for you, you are my heart and soul and I would be destroyed if I ever  lost you. Your my moon, sun, stars, light in the dark, my everything and I will spend everyday showing you how important you are to me. Ok as I wipe my tears  , let me tell you a little about what I am wearing. I love this entire outfit, starting with my T13,  King Q hoodie, Yup named after my sexy  husband for being Feb Elite blogger , it  comes with a HUD that has some really cute designs in it and you can change the Tshirt texture as well , and yes its Unisex too!! My hair is super sexy and brand new from TRUTH, one of my favorite designers for hair :) For the rest of my look check it out below xoxo Luvs ♥

Check out Qs Blog for what hes wearing…. >>>> https://qsgonebatty.wordpress.com/2015/02/24/hallelujah/power of love power of love 2 power of love 3

Luvs Look ♥

TopTwenty13. King-Q-Hoodie/w HUD **NEW**
BottomsBlueberry - Vio Mesh Belted Denim Mini skirt – Ice
BootsREIGN – Moccasin Boots – Tan
HairTRUTH - Avena – light blondes ** NEW RELEASE**
Poses – .snaphappy poses. Lissa Pack **NEW **

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Be My Valentine?

Its almost that time again, time for roses and diamonds and dinners with the one you love and adore and cherish more than anyone in this world :) I love Valentines Day , its the hopeless romantic in me and what girl doesnt like to get presents from the one they love. Doesnt even have to be store bought , I love homemade things that come from the heart just as much if not more ♥ This adorable pose set from Signature pose is perfect for those sexy pics for your guy or girl as a sweet surprise that they will love to get :) It even comes with the props which I love even more!!! Have a Happy Valentines Day and for all you single ones out there, Chocolate will be 50% off on Sunday :D WIN WIN for everyone haha xoxo Luvs  P.S. this gown is gorgeous and comes in so many colors and looks amazing on my Lara body :)

be my valentine be my valentine 3 Be my Valentine 2


Luvs Look ♥

Gown~i`petme~ Romantic Evenings Champagne Formal & Appliers ** NEW **
HairTRUTH Hair – Devinna – light blondes w/bow
Pose & PropsSignature Pose- Be My Valentine ** NEW RELEASE**

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Deliciously Inappropriate

I love love this sexy set of poses that comes with Naughty Cook Apron, Chef Hat, panties and Rolling pin from .snaphappy Pose. You can find this set at the Thrift Shop going on right now so hurry before it ends!! Happy Valentines Day to all you couples and lovers out there ♥ This set is perfect to bake up something sweet for that special someone in your life and have them lick it off you later ;) Sexy Naughty Mmmhmm!!!

Deliciously inapproaiate Deliciously Inappropriate 3 Delicously Inappropriare 2

Luvs Look ♥

.snaphappy pose. Naughty Cook Pack , includes Apron , Panties & Rolling Pin @ Thrift Shop **NEW** 

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