The smell of Spring!!!

Hey Dolls, Yes I am back again. I spent most of my morning at The Pose Fair, and got some awesome poses, it was like a photographers heaven let me tell ya. lol. I got some great stuff and well decided to throw together a blog with one of the pose sets I did get. Its actually quite perfect because its all about spring and flowers :) Two of my very favorite things :) It was a pretty nice day where I live today so that gave me some inspiration for this look as well :) Enough rambling on , I will give you the stats and talk a  little bit more below. Hope you enjoy it and Happy Shopping! Last but not least dont forget to follow me and leave me lots of nice comments :)


Poses: Lolapop! Basket of Sunshine, so adorable for springtime right now, the set comes with a couple of baskets, one for each hand to wear and it also comes with the mirror images of the poses. Only $180 for this pack at the Pose Fair and well worth it!

Top: [Atomic] Lovely Chiffon – Cornflower, I love this top, its so stinking cute, and looks great on my prego belly. I also have this in white as well. I love the flowyness of it and it looks great with jeans, shorts, or a skirt, Love this top so much!

Shorts: {mon tissu} Greta Shorts Original – another one of my favorite stores, can be pricey but the clothing is high quality stuff, very much worth it!

Hair: TRUTH Cassie in gingers *NEW* mesh, just came out today and I had to have it, I love the style and seeing as its mesh I was Sold right away :) Truth has some awesome hair, if u havent been there, you have no idea what ur missing!!!

Feet: *GA* Flat Bare Feet mesh, These are my favorite *pretty feet* as I call them, they come with a HUD to match skin color as well as it has diff tattoo options for the foot and nail colors and designs, and so much more. These are some of the best feet Ive seen yet and they didn’t cost me that much either! I am a bargain shopper if you  haven’t noticed

Eyelashes: DAMNED My perfect lashes

Eyes: Topaz Square ~Real Eyes~ Ice

Makeup: DAMNED , KMTD lipstick & Shadow 10, Eyeshadow ~ {PixelDolls} DoeShimmer in Gold

Pink Acid: Midnight Doll Face

Bracelets: Twisted & Spoiled Beach Bangles, (wrist & ankle), These came with an outfit I purchased and I really love them, they are kinda Bohemian style which I am into lately.

Earrings: RYCA Crystal Hoop Platinum

Skin: Al Vulo Troy Bronze in natural

Shape: SP Laney *modified by meh

So that was just a cute little spring post I wanted to do, Hope you all enjoyed it and there is more to come :)

Flirt Cosmetics ~ Kesh

Ok Ok I promise, this is the last one for tonight, because I am tired and going to go watch a movie, not sure what, hoping there is something good on Lifetime..hehe, yes I am a Lifetime movie junkie and Im not afraid to admit this makeup is also new from Flirt, pretty cool if u ask me, and I really love the turquoise blue against the yellow in the eyeshadow. NOt much to tell bout this look because well I didn’t bother to put on any clothes for it *giggles. I wanted to capture the beauty of this makeup line so I just did some really close ups of my face.  Also the Hair I told you about in my last post, well for this one I have it on with and without the attachment so you can see how adorable it is both ways. I will bring you more looks soon, I promise, so for now here is my last post for the evening. Hugs & Kisses……

Stats:  Above…

Makeup: Flirt Cosmetics New Kesh Plain

Pink Acid: Jet Black Eyeliner Smoke eyes w/lashes

DAMNED: Alice lipstick in Blue

Eyelashes: DAMNED my perfect Lashes

Eye: Topaz Square ~Real Eyes~ Ice

Earrings: RYCA – Crystal Hoop Platinum

Skin: Al Vulo Troy Bronze in natural

Shape: SP Laney *Modified by meh

Hair: Truth Auarlee Marmalade without mesh attachment *very cute messy bun


Makeup: Flirt Cosmetics New Kesh w/ right and left face smear

Hair: Truth Auarlee Marmalade with mesh attachment *NEW*

Flirt Cosmetics ..Whats NEW!!!

Yup Yup, Its me again, I am a blogging fool today, probably because my husband and twin are both gone and Im bored as These makeup masks from Flirt are sooo freaking cute!!! I am loving all her new makeup she is putting out this week. The outfit I have on has a little bit of animal print in it to match the makeup which I love!! So not going to talk much more about this look, just going to show you. hehe , Look out belowwwww………


Top: *Base 13* pEEpShOw!

Jeans: [Fuore] Low Rise Bootcut Jeans, these are adorable, and only $39 L, yup I found them the other day while searching for something new, and def hit the jackpot with these, they are my new favorite jeans!

Shoes:  *Base 13* pEEpShOw! and also the leg warmers are from there. This oufit actually comes with makeup and jeans as well. jeans I dont like so much as I do the top and shoes, The makeup is really bright, but since I am already blogging bout Flirts makeup , there was no need to put that on , but it does look hot with the top.

Makeup: Flirt Cosmetics *NEW* Pink Masked, also comes in white ,green, blue, black, red, & yellow and they come with a price tag of only $50 L, so make sure when your done reading this you head on over there and Shop Shop Shop!!!

Lashes: DAMNED my perfect lashes

Lipstick: DAMNED Alice in Pink 1

Earrings: RYCA – Crystal Hoop Platinum, one of my favorite pairs to wear

Hair: Truth Auralee *Mesh* Marmalade, Love LOVE this hair. Its so cute with the shoulder attachment or without it. Without it ,it has a messy bun which I will show in my next post in a few minutes :)

Shape: SP Laney *modified by meh

Skin: Al Vulo Troy Bronze in natural

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52 Weeks of Color..Week 17 Shuttle Gray

Hi Dolls, Yup its that time again, time for a new color , this weeks color is not my favorite even tho I did find some hot jeans to wear for it. Gray is just blah to me , Im more of pinks, purples, whites type of gal….So I was window shopping on Marketplace and stumbled across this store called {uF}. They dont have alot of clothes yet but what they do have is really cute stuff. I found some sexy Leopard print skinny jeans, and I cannot wait to wear these with a pair of my sexy black heels once I have this baby next weekend :) The top I had bought a little before I got pregnant and I really love it. It also comes in a couple other colors as well. I can totally see myself wearing it in my real life. my hair is probably my favorite part of this look besides the jeans. I am so loving mesh hair now!!! I’ll show you the stats below and talk more about it as well :) So Enjoy….


Pants: {uF} Grey Jeans Collection -Leopard

Top: {uF} Amber – Black & white

Earrings: RYCA – Sterling Silver Huge Hoop

Necklace: RYCA – Ice-Heart Platinum

Bracelets: RYCA – WRP Silver

Hair :: Exile :: Midnight in Paris : Cayenne *Mesh

Makeup: DAMNED  KMTD Lipstick & Shadow 10

Pink Acid: Midnight Doll Face

Eyelashes: DAMNED my perfect lashes

Eyes: Topaz Square ~Real Eyes ~ Ice

Skin:  Al Vulo Troy Bronze in natural

Shape:  SP Laney *modified by meh

I am loving this hair from exile, it has a cute bow that changes colors to match all your other outfits, and besides being mesh , the bow is what sold me. I also love the red color as well. RYCA has become one of my favorite stores to buy jewelery from, so realistic and lots of styles and colors to choose from, they also have male stuff as well. I just love the over all look for this weeks color, I thought it would be hard to find something i would like in gray but for some reason I fell in love with these jeans. I think it was the animal print to be honest , because i love anything with animal print on it, my rl purse is zebra..hehe. So I hope you enjoyed my post for Shuttle Gray, and follow me if you haven’t already and Happy Shopping :)

New @ Flirt Cosmetics ~Impact

Heya Dolls, Hope you all are doing good, I have been enjoying the nice sunny weather we have been having lately :) Ive been taking alot of pictures as well just haven’t gotten around to editing them yet.  So this week I have a few things to show you from Flirt Cosmetics and I’m loving this new makeup. Its funky and flirty and wild and sexy. Def a must have in all you girls and some guys closets. hehe.. This will be short and sweet, I hope you enjoy it and shop your little hearts out at Flirt <3 …..


Outfit: :: AlterEgo :: Beachy – Orange

Hair: Truth – Kathy in Pumpkin *ginger pack*

Earrings: Mandala Africa

Makeup: Flirt Cosmetics Impact 1 & 2 w/lashes *NEW*, Lipstick DAMNED Alice in yellow

Eyes: Topaz Square ~Real Eyes~ Chocolate Gold

Skin: Al Vulo Troy Bronze in natural

Shape: SP Laney *modified by meh*

Lashes: DAMNED my perfect lashes

Nails: Sexy Mamas Valentine Manicure Set

Lashes: DAMNED my perfect lashes

So those are the stats and the stores you can find this look at :) I want to tell you little bit more about what I am wearing. This oufit also comes in pink, which I have, and its very cute summery and spring outfit. The capri texture is very realistic and it comes from one of my favorite stores to shop at. My hair is also from one of my favorite stores, TRUTH, I just recently started wearing more reds and I am loving them, especially this color marmalade is one of my favorites. I was lucky I bought these earrings because it matches this outfit perfectly. I dont normally wear gold in my jewelry, i prefer silver or white gold or platinum, but Im glad I had these in my closet. The lipstick is from DAMNED another favorite store of mine for makeup and other things for the face. This is a fat pack and it comes with alot of colors and it was very affordable. Ive recently been playing more with my makeup and stepping out of my comfort zone and trying different colors and styles.

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Drop that Beat!!! Sexy comes in all shapes & sizes!!

Ok so this was fun to do, probably one of my funnest blogs yet! I wanted to show everyone that you can be pregnant and still be sexy, so that is where this inspiration came from for this look.It will really be sexy once I loose all this baby weight in a few weeks…hehe!! Little Miss Skylee will make her way into this world in a few short weeks, Im getting more anxious as the weeks pass :)

Anyways ill talk more down below so for now here are your details on this look…. I had to start this off with a picture right away, I love this outfit, its sexy, a bit of a rock & roll vibe to it, little bit punk, I just love it!!


Outfit: :: alterego :: sex, drugs & dub, comes with boots, tattoo, belt & iPod nom nom

Hair:  Magika *GROUP GIFT* it is mesh if you were wondering :)

Earrings: Mandala  SENJYU earrings Black Hole

Eyes:  Topaz Square ~Real Eyes~ Deep Berries

Makeup: Pink Acid Midnight Doll face & Jet Black Eyeliner Smoke Eyes & lashes / DAMNED KMTD Lipstick 4

Sexy Mamas Nails, I used the HUD to make them black and purplish pink to match my outfit

Lashes: DAMNED my perfect lashes

Skin: Al Vulo Troy in natural bronze

Shape: SP Laney *modifed by meh *

I really caked on the makeup for this look. HA HA, but it seemed fitting. I really love the hair too, I didnt think I would with it being so red with the pink at bottom, but it looks sexy and little bit dangerous at same time ;P. Probably my favorite part of this outfit is the tattoo and the belt. If anyone knows me I DJ and Dubstep is one of my main genres of music I play. The bass and when the song drops that beat its like MMmmmmm omg so delicious. If you dont know what Dubstep is, I suggest you go to YouTube and type in Dubstep, listen to it and I promise you will be hooked!

So this was short and sweet but one of my favorites. Hope you all enjoyed it and it is possible to be sexy while your pregnant :) Hope you all have a great weekend, Yay almost Friday adn Ill be posting more looks here soon, so don’t forget to follow me and get your shop on!

52 Weeks of Color…Week 16 Bright Turquoise!!

Hey dolls , I cant believe it I am actually caught up for love this weeks color, its perfect for spring, even tho where I live it feels like winter, we even had little bit of snow the other day O.o..IKR snow in April, now I have seen it all!!! I chose a simple turquoise bikini for this and what I really love about this look is the jewelry. I was on a hunt for some awesome turquoise jewelery and found some pretty cool pieces. My  hair is also one of my favorite parts of this look, its got a sweet/funky side to it and not to mention I got it in all colors which is awesome since I have been wearing alot of reds lately and really loving it :) I use to not like red hair but a softer red is pretty against my skin tone and plus my momma is redhead too and she loves it! So enough chitter chatter, make sure you follow me if you havent already and have your friends do the same. Get your shop on and spend that money. Woot Woot. hehe


Bikini: .:: DELISH ::. Twisted Bandeau – Baby Blue

Hair:  Truth: Bunny w/Roots in marmalade *GROUP GIFT*

Jewelery:  Earrings MG Shell Teardrop Sea Green ~Mesh~, Bangles: Maxi Gossamer Boho Bangles Lauqered Turquoise & Silver

Nails: Sexxy Mamas Valentine Manciure, Love these nails because they come with HUD and different colors and styles

Makeup: Pink Acid ~ Midnight Doll Face, DAMNED KMTD ~ Lipstick 9

Eyelashes: DAMNED my perfect lashes

Shoes: J’s Flip Flop & Barefoot in white

Eyes: Topaz Square ~ Real Eyes~ in Aqua

Skin: Al Vulo Troy in natural bronze

Shape: SP Laney *modified by meh*

Ok so there are the stats, let me tell you a little more bout each piece. Lets start with my shoes, my favorite flip flops, I also have these in black. These are so cute with anything, and whats really great they have cute little toe rings and a HUD to match skin and you can also take off the flip flop for bare feet. I love this bikini alot, not much to it but its still very sexy. I bought this to match my husbands swimming trunks and its become one of my favorite suits to wear and get this I only paid a dollar for it, YUP  1 Linden is all it cost , they also have tons of cute designs and one pieces as well, i have a few of this designers suits as well as my twin DC , I mean come on people a freaking dollar, cant get much better than that! If you know me, I love a good bargain, which brings me to my bangles. These are so cute and they also come in other colors that I will be purchasing, These were only $49 Lindens as well, and I got my earrings from the same store. I saw those and was like “yup  I have to have those”, I plan on getting them in other colors too, and these are the first mesh earrings I have purchased and so far they are worth it.  When I was doing my editing I used a very soft effect on my shots, it feels very soft and pretty and light and airy.

So that is my bright turquoise post, I hope you enjoyed it and I have lots more to come :)