Spring is here!!!!

Hey dolls, just a random post from me today. The sun is shinning, bbq chicken is in crockpot cooking, Mmmmm smells like spring 🙂 I love spring, all the pretty flowers and bright colors, just puts me in a happy mood 🙂 I love the sun and the breeze in the air, not to cold not to hot, Yess perfect!! So with that said, I chose this outfit I bought a couple months ago at Crush Mainstore. If you haven’t been there, you need to check it out, lots of cute, sexy, funky flirty clothes for all shapes and sizes…I love Pink as u all know from my previous posts, this top is more of a Rose, magenta type pink and i love it, very sexy…My hair is of course from my favorite store Truth, and I have been shying away from blonde and wearing more reds and auburns. Its just a subtle way to change it up a bit without changing my shape and skin because as u all know, that does get pricey. So enough jibber here are the stats of my Spring look for this week 🙂


Outfit:  [ :: crush :: ] Cheers in Rose

Tattoo: Epic Kawaii B&W Emo Tattoo

Earrings:  RYCA Jewelery Sterling Silver Huge Hoops

Necklace: JCNY Princess Diamond & Platinum Chain

Hair: Truth Kathy in Auburn

Eyes: Topaz Square ~ Real Eyes ~ Deep Sea

Eyelashes: DAMNED my perfect lashes

Skin: Al Vulo Troy Bronze in pink

Shape: SP Laney *modified by meh*

Makeup: DAMNED KMTD lipstick & Shadow 3…Pink Acid: Midnight Doll face

I took the picture at my studio Visions by Luvs, I did a graffiti type background, kinda to match the bad ass look I was going for..lol.. I really love this outfit especially when Im not pregnant.lol..its really sexy and flirty.

I really love this tattoo, its also one of my favorites to wear, its got a little feminine touch to it, with the little heart designs, I really love the back of it the most I think, which I will show u below and then you can see why 🙂

Well hope you enjoyed this fun little spring post and much more to come.  Have a Happy Holiday this weekend and dont forget to follow me 🙂 I also love to read all of your comments so leave me lots .hehe

About fashionthrumaheyez

This is my blog, Welcome and make yourself at home :)) I will mostly be talking bout fashion here so feel free to comment and say nice things .hehe, I hope u enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it together for all of you :)) Oh yeah and follow me if you like what you see xoxoxo Luvs
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