Goodies @ GOOCCI GOO

Ok so after me made cupcakes yesterday the kids and I got baths and into our jammies for a relaxing day at home. I asked Jaiden what he wanted to do and he wanted to play some Candyland šŸ™‚ Little stinker beat me 2 times too, hes a smart boy, gets that from his mommy , giggles! The adorable onesies and socks they have on are from this weeks bargains from GOOCCI GOO! Trace Coberts is amazing as well when it comes to being creative and designing things for the babies, she has become a really good friend of mine šŸ™‚ She also made the tricycles u see below, Jaiden squealed with joy when I showed him his , he couldnt wait to try it out. All you have to do to get ur little one to ride is attach Tricycle and baby to avatar center, adjust them as needed and your ready to go šŸ™‚ Stop by the store , ill add link for ya and spoil ur little monkeys rotten hehe .

candyland Tricycle GG

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This is my blog, Welcome and make yourself at home :)) I will mostly be talking bout fashion here so feel free to comment and say nice things .hehe, I hope u enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it together for all of you :)) Oh yeah and follow me if you like what you see xoxoxo Luvs
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