Heyyyyy errrboddyyy!!!! I am ONCE again playing catch up lol, so lets get this shiznit started haahha.. ok enough gangsta talk, im the whitest white girl you would meet hahaa. Guess what time it is…?????!! Gatcha Fair time!!!! Lots of cool stuff to grab up and cheap cheap cheap!!!! Read Flyer below for alll the details!!! I packed alot of Gatcha items in this one post so make sure you scroll all the way down to see them all and happy shopping!!!

Depraved - Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair Flier 2013 1x1

Gatcha fair_001 Gatcha fair_004


*Epic* Kawaii Band Aid (Gatcha) dots
.:Evilkyoot:. Mesh Lucky Necklace – Aquamarine (Gatcha)
:FY: fly Me Away crowns – Blue (Gatcha)
Intrepid:: Geo Lingerie Sets – Aqua, Bra & Panties can be worn with or without applier
Sour Pickles Lasher Tongue St Patty 2 (Gatcha Fair)
~ G O L A Industry ~ Tattoo *Wet Area (Gatcha)
*Luckie* Swag Ring RARE (Gatcha)
Magika [Hair S] Calm mesh

Gatcha fair_016 Gatcha fair_017


::Sweet Intoxication: Sofia Dress – Green RARE (Gatcha)
[S H O C K ]  Candy – Piercings Unisex  (Gatcha)
.b – sapphire Light Blondes

Gatcha 2 Gatcha 1


*Epic* Kawaii Mushie Boobie Bombs – Green (Gatcha)
Chus! Star Child Lenses – Fluff (Gatcha)
Glo-Mart  Stiilletto Pump – Deidre (Gatcha)
Glo-Mart Loose Tank top – Its a Sham & Pleated skirt Mini Deep Green (Gatcha)
{V} Shamrock Love Tattoo (Gatcha)
Magika [Hair S] Calm mesh

Gatcha fair_019 Gatcha fair_018


adoness: paddy’s skull accessories , chocker, eye patch, garter, bracelets, hat & earrings (Gatcha)
{V} Lick Me Tank (Gatcha)
Apple May Designs – Female camo cargo pants – Black Ops RARE (Gatcha)
::Exile:: Rae – Light Blondes

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This is my blog, Welcome and make yourself at home :)) I will mostly be talking bout fashion here so feel free to comment and say nice things .hehe, I hope u enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it together for all of you :)) Oh yeah and follow me if you like what you see xoxoxo Luvs
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  2. emlacreme says:

    I thought I knew a lot there is to know about this stuff, but seems we are never to old to learn..;)

  3. Very nice blog! Keep up the good work!

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