Power of LOVE

Those words mean so much more than they use to. I almost lost someone so very dear and close to me , my life would have been turned upside down and I realize how powerful my love for her is and how deep it runs.  Nothing will ever come close to the love I feel for this amazing person in my life. (well besides our children) ♥ I am very blessed and know that God and angels do exist! The Power of Love can pull you out of the worst situations, I see that now and will never take one day for granted ever again. I love you baby , this is  for you, you are my heart and soul and I would be destroyed if I ever  lost you. Your my moon, sun, stars, light in the dark, my everything and I will spend everyday showing you how important you are to me. Ok as I wipe my tears  , let me tell you a little about what I am wearing. I love this entire outfit, starting with my T13,  King Q hoodie, Yup named after my sexy  husband for being Feb Elite blogger , it  comes with a HUD that has some really cute designs in it and you can change the Tshirt texture as well , and yes its Unisex too!! My hair is super sexy and brand new from TRUTH, one of my favorite designers for hair 🙂 For the rest of my look check it out below xoxo Luvs ♥

Check out Qs Blog for what hes wearing…. >>>> https://qsgonebatty.wordpress.com/2015/02/24/hallelujah/power of love power of love 2 power of love 3

Luvs Look ♥

TopTwenty13. King-Q-Hoodie/w HUD **NEW**
BottomsBlueberry – Vio Mesh Belted Denim Mini skirt – Ice
BootsREIGN – Moccasin Boots – Tan
HairTRUTH – Avena – light blondes ** NEW RELEASE**
Poses – .snaphappy poses. Lissa Pack **NEW **

About fashionthrumaheyez

This is my blog, Welcome and make yourself at home :)) I will mostly be talking bout fashion here so feel free to comment and say nice things .hehe, I hope u enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it together for all of you :)) Oh yeah and follow me if you like what you see xoxoxo Luvs
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