Love me like you mean it

Heyyy everyone, Geez I have been trying to get some posts out but things been keeping me busy rl and sl. You will notice alot of my posts are named after love songs alot of the time, well thats because when you are in love thats all you want to write about or focus your feelings around, sooo deal with it lol . I love being in love, the late night talks, the cuddles at night , the random hugs and kisses during the day, the good times as well as getting through the bad times. Me and Q have been through alot in our relationship and its only made us stronger as a couple and confirms that we are meant to be together and as cheesy as it sounds, we are soulmates. My heart hurts when we are apart for a long time so thats gotta mean something right 🙂  I love this new pose from Signature pose, its like saying yeah hes all mine and you better not even be looking , hehe. I love it. There was a saying I saw on facebook, it said Being Jealous is wanting something thats not yours, Being Territorial is protecting whats already yours., Its so true, Im very territorial when it comes to my man and our kids and family. Well Happy Shopping and my next post is going to be filled with so much fun info so stay tuned xoxo Luvs

Love me like you mean it 1 Love me like you mean it 2 Love me like you mean it 3

Luvs Look ♥

Suit~Blacklace~ Charlie Pink & Aqua Bikini w/ Flip Flops
Hair*ARGRACE* HIIRAGI – Baby Blonde w/HUD
SunglassesTwenty13 – Sunglasses Reflect RARE @ Hustle & Flow EVENT exclusive
poseSignature Pose – Into the Sunset ** NEW RELEASE**

About fashionthrumaheyez

This is my blog, Welcome and make yourself at home :)) I will mostly be talking bout fashion here so feel free to comment and say nice things .hehe, I hope u enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it together for all of you :)) Oh yeah and follow me if you like what you see xoxoxo Luvs
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