Babeh got alot of back

These jeans my auntie Kate made, and they give you alotttt of asssss lol . I personally dont like alot of ass but thats just me and I know that if she went around the grid she would sell these things like hot cakes :)  So help get the word out , with all these mesh asses coming out now , girls are wanting more booty, and well these jeans def give u booty without the big ticket price  , haha!! Enjoy xoxo

baby got back 2 baby got back 3 baby got back

Fashi♥n Credits:

::Capricious:: Curvy Jeans Stone Washed *NEW
Poses – GLITTERATI Topless
Magika – Flourish HUD 01

~ passing time ~

Hai there, woo hoo it’s almost Friday!!! Got so many good things going on in my life right now , I am on cloud 9 :) I have a few dif things to show all my lovely readers today, I will bring more soon I promise :) I am finally staying somewhat caught up on work and it feels good!!! This first look comes from Ducknipple and I am so loving these new jeans with the boots attached!! The button un done in the front just makes it that much sexier, Rawrrr ;) I was just chillin in my studio and decided to snap a few shots and I love how they came out. My furniture is awesome, I love all the colors and the poses and props it comes with are a nice addition as well :) Enjoy it and have a great day xoxo

Passing time 1 Passing time 2 Passing time 3


Ducknipple Mesh Lazy jeans & Shoes w/ HUD *NEW
{dollle*} 006 Loose Crop Cami – Gray
/Wasabi Pills / Amelie Mesh Hair – Blondes Pack w/ Headband HUD
B*Fly tattoo – Star Burst
Silvery K. Prim Nail w/ Butterfly Ring (Pink)
LISP Bazaar  Flamingo Sofa w / props

thinking…dreaming..& wishing

Ok so I love all this new stuff that Pink Sugah is coming out with , and I absolutely LOVE these jeans I found while digging through my inventory, I think they were from the FROST event from a store called [bubble], but OMG they make my ass look amazing..giggles!!! You will see them alot in my posts, cuz I went and bought a second pair tonight in a lighter color lol, Im all bout skinny jeans and heels lately,. so sexy to me.

PS bed_002 PS bed_004

Para Designs Tattoo Punked Upper
[bubble] Dark Blue Skinny jeans – mesh
[EY:NO] Chained Cross Necklace
[LeLutka] CANTO – blondes
Pink Sugah Clarity for Hello Titty Tuesdays -black
Skifija – SQ-V.0. Platform High Heel Multi Straps Black

Spring is here!!!!

Hey dolls, just a random post from me today. The sun is shinning, bbq chicken is in crockpot cooking, Mmmmm smells like spring :) I love spring, all the pretty flowers and bright colors, just puts me in a happy mood :) I love the sun and the breeze in the air, not to cold not to hot, Yess perfect!! So with that said, I chose this outfit I bought a couple months ago at Crush Mainstore. If you haven’t been there, you need to check it out, lots of cute, sexy, funky flirty clothes for all shapes and sizes…I love Pink as u all know from my previous posts, this top is more of a Rose, magenta type pink and i love it, very sexy…My hair is of course from my favorite store Truth, and I have been shying away from blonde and wearing more reds and auburns. Its just a subtle way to change it up a bit without changing my shape and skin because as u all know, that does get pricey. So enough jibber here are the stats of my Spring look for this week :)


Outfit:  [ :: crush :: ] Cheers in Rose

Tattoo: Epic Kawaii B&W Emo Tattoo

Earrings:  RYCA Jewelery Sterling Silver Huge Hoops

Necklace: JCNY Princess Diamond & Platinum Chain

Hair: Truth Kathy in Auburn

Eyes: Topaz Square ~ Real Eyes ~ Deep Sea

Eyelashes: DAMNED my perfect lashes

Skin: Al Vulo Troy Bronze in pink

Shape: SP Laney *modified by meh*

Makeup: DAMNED KMTD lipstick & Shadow 3…Pink Acid: Midnight Doll face

I took the picture at my studio Visions by Luvs, I did a graffiti type background, kinda to match the bad ass look I was going I really love this outfit especially when Im not really sexy and flirty.

I really love this tattoo, its also one of my favorites to wear, its got a little feminine touch to it, with the little heart designs, I really love the back of it the most I think, which I will show u below and then you can see why :)

Well hope you enjoyed this fun little spring post and much more to come.  Have a Happy Holiday this weekend and dont forget to follow me :) I also love to read all of your comments so leave me lots .hehe

52 Weeks of Color….Week 12 St. Patricks Blue

Hey Dolls, Wow I cant believe how far behind I am, the weather has been nice here so I have been outside alot, but I plan on catching up tonight so I hope you enjoy, follow me and Happy Shopping :D I really loved the top I chose for this look. It looks really cute with my preggo belly and I cant wait to wear it once I have the baby :) I really love the cute little capris I had paired with it. They come with a belt but of course the belt doesnt fit me right now.hehe, but anyways they are cute dressed up or down. So enough jabber, I will tell you the stats of this adorable outfit I put together for St Patricks Blue! Stats:

Top: {HAPPY} Flirt Blue

Bottoms: Maitreya bf Capris #07

Hair: Bellissimo Marg Light Blonde

Earrings:  RYCA Sterling Silver huge Hoops

Nails: Sexy Mamas Nails , comes with a HUD , different hand sizes and tons of designs, these are really cute and very affordable

Feet: GA Flat Feet Bare Mesh , ok I LOVE these feet, they come with a HUD easy to match skin color, tons of cute nail desgins colors, etc, also u can change the tattoo on your foot, I am so glad I bought these and they are AWESOME!!!

Lashes: DAMNED my perfect eyelashes

Eyes:  MADesigns soul eyes Blue 6

Skin: Al Vulo Troy Bronze in Pink

Shape: SP Laney *modified by meh*

Makeup: DAMNED KMTD Lipstick 2 , eyeshadow PixelDolls Doe Shimmer in Blue

I hope you enjoyed my St Patricks Blue, also you will notice I have added links to the stores that this outfit has come from, so check them out and dont forget to follow meh <3 xoxox

.:SS: Spearsong…Tanks & Tatts *New*

Hey Dolls, I have been a bad blogger lately, but there is a reason for it, I am expecting a babygirl (sl of course :p) in 8 short weeks, So you will see my belly get bigger thru the next few weeks, hehe, I coudnt be happier. Ok enough bout that let me show you what NEW items are at SS Spearsong now. I am loving these new little crop top tanks, they are little bit sexy and naughty with the peekaboo nipple showing. Rawrrrr. Now these tattoos from SS are sexy and come in 3 different tones. Light, Medium & dark. I chose to wear the medium shade in all of them. Ok enough with talking lets get you the stats for this sexy look from SS Spearsong. Dont forget to check our there inworld store as well as on Marketplace Happy Shopping XD


Top & Tattoos: .:SS: Spearsong left to right, 1. Turquoise Snowflake Peekaboo Crop Top, Tattoo ~ Fear NoOne Sleeves, 2. Floral B&w Crop Top, Tattoo ~ Scripted Sleeves, 3. Mint Green Floral Crop Top, Tattoo ~ Fuck Love

Jeans: ** Tyra Jeans in Washed Blue

Earrings:  RYCA Crystal Hoops in Platinum

Hair: Magika Capture *mesh in a light redish color, whats great bout Magika, you get a HUD with all hair colors for the same price you would pay for  color of hair!!!

Nails: Sexy Mamas valentine Manicure set *comes with HUD*

Makeup: DAMNED KMTD Lipstick 9, DAMNED Alice lips Pink
Pink Acid Midnight Doll face

Lashes: DAMNED my perfect lashes

Skin: Al Vulo Troy Bronze in neutral

Shape: SP Laney *modified by meh*

Eyes: MADesigns Soul Blue6

Stats:  BOTTOM: Left to Right .  Tops& Tatts,  SS Spearsong :  Top Sequin Peakaboo Crop Top, Tattoo ~ Love is a battlefield, 2. Polka Dot Blue Crop Top, 3. Blue Hawaiian Crop Top ,

Feet: GA Mesh Barefeet, LOVE LOVE THESE!! I am slowly adapting to the world of mesh , so look for more of my posts to incorporate mesh items.

  Hope you liked this as much as I liked putting it together for you, Dont forget to follow me and get your shop on at .:SS: Spearsong <3

.:SS: Spearsong…NEW Quarter Sleeve shirts

Hiya , I have another post from SS Spearsong to bring to ya. These adorable sweaters are NEW and the price is $50 for one or $200 for all of them, DEAL!!! These are cute dressed up or dressed down. I chose to match them with a pair of my favorite jeans and some cute heels :) Hope you all enjoy my post and go buy these adorable tops! Happy Shopping and check out SS Spearsong on MP or inworld


Tops .:SS: Spearsong in blue,beige,grey,pink & not pictured is black

Jeans: Blacklace and they come with or without the belt (so cute, one of my favorite pairs in my closet)

Hair: D!va Ema 2 in Cats eye, it comes with a menu for the bow colors as well as an option to turn off the bow, the hair also comes with side bangs option as well

Shape: SP Laney *modified by meh*

Skin: Al Vulo Troy Bronze in  pink

Nails: sexy mamas Valentines Manicure set (comes with a HUD to change colors and designs of the nails)

Jewlery:  earrings RYCA Crystal Hoop Platinum

Makeup: DAMNED kiss  me to death Makeup, PinkAcid Midnight Doll face (if u use firestorm viewer u can add multiple makup layers , thats why i love it)

Eyelashes:  DAMNED my perfect lashes

    Well this one was short & sweet, hope u all enjoyed it and go shop till u drop :D