Flowers are uhhh bloomin **

I got to spend some quality time with my babies yesterday for a while. We are sick of the snow and cold so we busted out some spring clothes and took a walk in the park 🙂 Skylee cooed and giggled when I showed her that we have matching dresses in all sorts of colors, of course she would pick the pink one, hehe That’s my Girl ❤ Jaiden looked adorable in his “big bro” outfit 🙂 Hes getting so big, he is a few stages away from being full grown! I cant believe it my little man is going to be two in like 5 months, time def does fly by fast! Stop on down to Leri Miles Designs and Momma & Me store to pick up this look for you and your little ones 🙂  I have to also give a shoutout to my daughter Ali! She has been busting her butt making soem awesome poses for families with zooby babies, the poses you see below are from her and you can pick up your own at Momma  & Me Mainstore, there is a vendor right inside 🙂 Ohhhhh forgot to mention, the dress Skylee has on is the Bargain item for this week, so hurry and grab it before it goes full price!

Daisy Dress 1 daisy dress 2 Daisy dress 3

LMD Daisy Dress for momma & baby – matching colors, we have on Blush NEW
Jaiden Momma & Me Big bro outfit (hat sold separate)

Poses Star Boutique “Flying high” Pose & “Family Moments” NEW

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